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Stellar Chaos: Core Rules

Core Rulebook

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Approximately 400 years into the future, mankind has colonized numerous worlds; worlds that were still governed by governments and corporations based on Earth. After all access and communication with Earth is mysteriously lost, those colonies banded into nation states, suspicious of one another, hoarding resources, information and military power.

About Stellar Chaos: Core Rules

About The Game

Stellar Chaos is a table-top role playing game, set in the not-so-distant future against a science fiction backdrop. It's heavily influenced by both Japanese animation and American classic sci-fi.

The playing environment surrounds Earth's numerous colonial worlds, who have suspiciously lost contact with Earth, and therefore have banded together into Nation States to survive and to share or hoard resources. Expeditions back to Earth to discover the source of the loss of communications have never returned, and therefore Earth is unanimously declared off-limits until further notice.

But that isn't necessarily where stories and adventures end, or begin. Life inside the game is similar to life outside the game: there are many and various stories to tell: corporate espionage, space piracy, resource skirmishes, small town problems, and new exploration are but a sampling of the potential stories that can come from the Stellar Chaos universe.

About The Play System

Stellar Chaos makes use of the FLUX™ play system, a proprietary, flexible play system that was developed to reflect real-world possibilities with an adaptable set of rules. This gives the Game Master the ability to slim down or beef up the level of realistic detail involved during game play.

Similarly, the official back story to Stellar Chaos ends at the "present day" of the game. The remainder of the story is completely up to the Game Master and Players to craft and shape, giving each storyteller complete freedom to push the SC Universe in the direction they want it to go.  Within the game manual are the guidelines on how to achieve this while maintaining game balance and good storytelling.


  • Game Manual, containing all the core rules to play the game, source material to craft adventures, GM and Players' Guides to create characters and run campaigns.

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