Help Us Render! (Posted: 19 Jan 2017)

Hey Monkeys!

So, in order to get our CGI assets rendered in a timely fashion, we've enlisted the services of Sheep It! Render Farm. They're a free render farm that uses a distributed computing to quickly process all the frames of an animated sequence, or a single image. In other words, people run the Sheep It! client in the background of their computers, letting the rendering service use CPU time to spread out the work load.

This is a call to arms!

If you'd like to help us out, you can join the Infinite Monkeys Team on Sheep It! to help us earn points to keep our rendering projects high on the priority list. Just head over to, and sign up for an account. Then, click the Teams tab, find Infinite Monkeys Games, and request to join the team. Finally, download their client (or run their java-based web client), and let it run in the background. The rest is automatic. You can pause, stop and start the client whenever you want, and your renderings will help count towards our projects.